Editing Graph Data

Although most of the time you edit Microsoft Graph data in the datasheet, you can also change data in the chart by dragging a data marker. You can edit data one cell at a time, or you can manipulate blocks of adjacent data called ranges . If you are familiar with worksheets, such as Microsoft Excel, you will find that Microsoft Graph uses many of the same data editing techniques.

Edit Cell Contents


In the datasheet, click the cell you want to edit.

  • To replace the cell contents, type the new data into the cell. It replaces the previous entry.

  • To edit the cell content, double-click the selected cell where you want to edit.

    Press Delete or Backspace to delete one character at a time, and then type the new data.


Edit Data by Dragging Data Markers


In the chart, click the data series that contains the data marker you want to change.


Click the data marker. When you select a data marker, a box appears that identifies the series and the value.


Drag the data marker for line or scatter plots, the top-center selection handle for bar or column charts , and the largest selection handle on the edge of a pie chart.


Insert Cells


In the datasheet, click where you want to insert cells.

  • To insert a column, click the column heading to the right of where you want the new column.

  • To insert a row, click the row heading below where you want the new row.

  • To insert a single cell, click an adjacent cell.


Click the Insert menu, and then click Cells.


Select the insert option you want.


Click OK.


Delete Data from a Datasheet or a Graph

  • Select the cell or range in the datasheet that contains the data you want to delete, and then press Delete.

  • Click the data series in the graph, and then press Delete.


Did You Know?

You can exclude or include row or column data . Instead of deleting data, you can exclude row or column data from a graph and then include it later. Select the row or column you want toe exclude or include, click the Data menu, and then click Exclude Row/Col or Include Row/Col.

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