Controlling Text Flow

The length of a label might not always fit within the width you've chosen for a column. If the cell to the right is empty, text spills over into it, but if that cell contains data, the text will be truncated (that is, cut off). A cell can be formatted so its text automatically wraps to multiple lines; that way, you don't have to widen the column to achieve an attractive effect. For example, you might want the label Interior Vanity Strips to fit in a column that is only as wide as Interior . Cell contents can also be modified to fit within the available space or can be combined with the contents of other cells .

Control the Flow of Text in a Cell


Select a cell or range whose text flow you want to change.


Click the Format menu, and then click Cells.


Click the Alignment tab.


Click to select one or more Text Control check boxes.

  • Wrap Text moves the text to multiple lines within a cell.

  • Shrink To Fit reduces character size to fit within a cell.

  • Merge Cells combines selected cells into a single cell.


Click OK.


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