Database and lists

I'm trying to set up a database, but I just can't get started

Is there an easier way to enter all my data

How can I search for certain records

Is there a way to easily find and delete a record from my list

My data is out of order, can I get it back to show the list by date

Now that I've sorted, I realized that I need to sort two ways, is that possible

I'd like to see my top 10 clients , or my top 10 sales amounts in my list

I want to be sure my employees enter in correct data choices, does Excel have a feature for this

Can I set up a pick-list for my database

What is a PivotTable

Can I make a report from my PivotTable

Are there any preset formats for a Pivot Table report

Can I use a chart and a table at the same time

Show Me Microsoft Office Excel 2003
Show Me Microsoft Office Excel 2003
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