Getting Data from Web Queries


You can import data into Excel through database and Web queries and analyze data with formulas and formatting. You can insert columns within query tables and apply formulas and formatting. When data is refreshed, the formatting and analysis are retained. Excel helps you through the process of bringing data from a Web page to your worksheet. You can create a new Web query as you choose the URL and parameters for how you want to import the Web data. Once you save the query, you can run it again at any time.

Get Data from a New Web Query


Click the Data menu, point to Import External Data, and then click New Web Query.


Type the address for the Web page that contains the data you want.


Click the arrow buttons to select the information you want.


Click Options to select the formatting you want your data to keep.


Click Import.


Click the Existing Worksheet option and specify a starting cell , or click the New Worksheet option.


Click OK.



Did You Know?

You can change Web options . Click the Tools menu, click Options, click the General tab, and then click Web Options. Click the tab with the options you want to change, make the changes, and then click OK.

You can get data from an existing Web query . Click the Data menu, point to Get External Data, click Run Saved Query, select the query file, and then click Get Data.

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Show Me Microsoft Office Excel 2003
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