Creating Refreshable Web Queries

Creating Refreshable Web Queries


If you need to analyze Web data in a worksheet, you can use the copy and paste commands to bring the data from a Web page into the worksheet. The Paste Options button allows you to specify whether you want the information to keep the data as it is right now or make it refreshable to the current data on the Web. As the data changes on the Web, you can use the Refresh Data button to quickly update the data in you worksheet. You don't need copy and copy the information again.

Copy and Paste Refreshable Data from the Web


Open the Web page with the information you want to copy into a worksheet, and then select the data.


Click the Edit menu, and then click Copy.


Switch to Excel, and then click the active cell where you want the data.


Click the Paste button on the Standard toolbar.


Click the Paste Options button, and then click Create Refreshable Web Query.


Click the arrow buttons to select the information you want.


Click Import.



Did You Know?

You can quickly refresh a Web query . Click a cell in the worksheet with the query data, and then click the Refresh Data button on the External Data toolbar. A spinning refresh icon appears in the status bar to indicate that the query is running. You can double-click the icon to check the status of the query.

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