Creating a Hyperlink


With instant access to the Internet, your worksheet can contain links to specific sites so you and anyone else using your worksheet can access Web information. An Internet link that is embedded on a worksheet is called a hyperlink ”because when it is clicked, you are instantly connected to the link's defined address on the Web. If your worksheet contains a hyperlink, the link appears in the worksheet as blue text. To connect to the Web site, just click the hyperlink.

Create a Hyperlink


Select a cell where you want the hyperlink to appear.


Click the Insert Hyperlink button on the Standard toolbar.


Click one of the icons on the Link To bar for quick access to frequently used files, Web pages, and links.


Type or select the name and location of the file or Web page you want to link to.


Click OK.



Did You Know?

You can create a custom ScreenTip for a hyperlink . Select the hyperlink you want to customize, click the Insert Hyperlink button on the Standard toolbar, click ScreenTip, type the ScreenTip text you want, click OK, and then click OK again.

Jump to a Hyperlink

graphics/one_icon.jpg Click the hyperlink on your worksheet.

Excel opens your Web browser.

graphics/tow_icon.jpg Establish an Internet connection.

The Web page associated with the hyperlink is displayed.


Remove a Hyperlink


Right-click the cell containing the hyperlink you want to remove.


Click Remove Hyperlink.


Did You Know?

Web addresses and URLs mean the same thing . Every Web page has a Uniform Resource Locator (URL), or Web address. Each URL contains specific parts that identify where a Web page is located. For example, the URL for Perspection's Web page is: where "http://" shows the address is on the Web, "" shows the computer that stores the Web site, and "index.htm" is a Web page on the Web site.

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