Running a Macro


Running a macro is similar to choosing a command in Excel. When you record or edit the macro, you have the choice of making it available through a menu command, a keyboard combination, or even a toolbar button. As with other options in Excel, your choice depends on your personal preferences ”and you can choose to make more than one option available. Where you store a macro when you save it determines its availability later. Macros stored in the Personal Macro workbook are always available, and macros stored in any other workbooks are only available when the workbook is open .

Run a Macro Using a Menu Command


Click the Tools menu, point to Macro, and then click Macros.


If necessary, click the Macros In list arrow, and then select the workbook that contains the macro you want to run.


Click the name of the macro you want to run.


Click Run.

TIMESAVER Click options to assign a Keyboard Shortcut to a macro.


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