Some data on your worksheet might be better displayed using colorful graphic images that come with Microsoft Office Excel 2003, or you create in a separate graphics program. Graphic images can serve to reinforce a corporate identity or illustrate subject matter in a worksheet.

Microsoft Office Excel 2003 has many features to help you enhance your worksheets. The Office Clipboard can hold up to 24 images or groupings of selected text to use as you enhance your worksheet. Additional research and language tools are available to build up the content of your worksheet. You can insert pictures from a digital camera or the Clip Art gallery. You can also insert a sound clip and even a motion clip to help fine tune your worksheet.

When adding images, it might become necessary to adjust the pictures by changing their contrast, making them brighter, changing their coloring, and cropping. WordArt is a creative tool that can really add eye catching details to your worksheet. Used for titles or other areas to call out, WordArt can be colored and stylized to match your workbooks overall them.

You can also include organization charts and diagrams in your worksheets. You can set up an organization chart to have various styles such as color , formatted text, and different chart boxes to name a few. Use diagrams as part of your overall workbook to include some graphical details about workflows, procedures, or other conceptual ideas.

Show Me Microsoft Office Excel 2003
Show Me Microsoft Office Excel 2003
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