Modifying an AutoFormat


Excel AutoFormats give any worksheet a professional look, but you may need to modify an AutoFormat to better suit the needs of a particular project. For example, the AutoFormat you applied might be perfect except that the font used should be different ”to match the font in the rest of your report. You can control individual elements in an AutoFormat so that not all are applied to the current worksheet. These changes are temporary; you can't permanently alter an AutoFormat.

Modify an AutoFormat


Select a cell or range whose AutoFormat you want to change, or skip this step if you want Excel to "guess" which cells to format.


Click the Format menu, and then click AutoFormat.


Click the AutoFormat you want to modify.


Click Options.


Click to select or clear one or more Formats To Apply check boxes to turn a feature on or off.


Click OK.



Did You Know?

You can let Excel choose the range to format . If you don't select the cells you want to apply the AutoFormat to, Excel will guess which cells you want formatted.

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