Entering Data

Normally you enter data into a form, because forms are specifically designed to facilitate data entry. You can, however, enter data into a table or a query. The methods are similar. How you enter data in a field depends on how the database designer created the field. Some fields accept only certain kinds of information, such as numbers or text. Some fields appear as check boxes or groups of option buttons ; others appear as text boxes. Some text boxes only allow dates; others only allow certain predefined entries, such as a state or country. When you enter data, you don't have to click a Save button to save the data. Access automatically saves the data as you enter it.

Enter Data into a Field


Open the query, table, page, or form into which you want to enter data.


Activate the field into which you want to enter data.

  • Click a field to activate it.

  • Press Tab to move to the next field or Shift+Tab to move to the previous field.


Enter data in the active field.

  • Click a list arrow, and then click one of the available choices (such as a category).

  • Click a check box or option button.

  • Type text in a box. When you click a box, a blinking insertion point appears, indicating where the text will appear when you type.

  • Enter dates in the required format (such as month/day/year).


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Show Me Microsoft Office Access 2003
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