Microsoft Office Access 2003

Microsoft Office Access 2003 is the database management program that gives you an improved user experience and an expanded ability to import, export, and work with XML data files. Working in Access 2003 is easier because common errors are identified and flagged for you with options to correct them.

  • Macro Security Protect against potentially unsafe Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code by setting the macro security level. You can set the security level so that you are prompted every time that you open a database containing VBA code, or you can automatically block databases that are from unknown sources. When you set the macro security level, you can run macros based on whether they are digitally signed by a developer on your list of trusted sources.

  • Block Potentially Unsafe Functions Block potentially unsafe functions from being used in expressions using the Microsoft Jet Expression Service enhanced sandbox mode.

  • View information on object dependencies View information on dependencies between database objects. Viewing a list of objects that use a specific object helps maintain a database over time and avoid errors related to missing record sources. For example, the Quarterly Orders query in the Sales database is no longer needed, but before deleting it, you might want to find out which other objects in the database use the query. You can either change the record source of the dependent objects, or delete them, before deleting the Quarterly Orders query. Viewing a complete list of dependent objects helps you save time and minimize errors. In addition to viewing the list of objects that are bound to a selected object, you can also view the objects that are being used by the selected object.

  • Propagating field properties In previous versions of Access, whenever you modified a field's inherited property, you had to manually modify the property of the corresponding control in each of the forms and reports . Now, when you modify an inherited field property in Table design view, Access displays an option to update the property of all or some controls that are bound to the field.

  • Autocorrect options The AutoCorrect Options button appears near text that was automatically corrected. If you find on occasion that you don't want text to be corrected, you can undo a correction or turn AutoCorrect Options on or off by clicking the button and making a selection.

  • Smart tags Use the Smart Tags property to add a smart tag to any field in a table, query, form, report, or data access page in a database.

  • Enhanced sorting in controls Specify the ascending or descending sort order of up to four fields in the List Box and Combo Box Wizards in forms and reports, and the Lookup Wizard in an Access database. The sort page added to these wizards looks and behaves like the sort page in the Report Wizard.

  • Microsoft Windows XP theme support The Windows XP operating system offers you several themes. If you have chosen a theme other than the default, Access will apply the chosen theme to views, dialog boxes, and controls. You can prevent form controls from inheriting themes from the operating system by setting an option in the database or project.

  • Error checking in forms and reports Enable automatic error checking to locate common errors in forms and reports. Error checking points out errors, such as two controls using the same keyboard shortcut, and the width of a report being greater than the page it will be printed on. Enabling error checking helps you identify errors and correct them.

  • Make a local table from a linked table Make a local copy of the structure or data and structure contained in a linked table.

  • XML support XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a universal language that enables you to move information across the Internet and programs where the data is stored independently of the format so you can use the data more seamlessly in other forms. Access allows you to import and export XML data as well as transform the data to and from other formats using XML related files.

  • Back up a database or project Back up the current database or project before making major changes to it. The backup will be saved in the default backup location, or in the current folder.

  • Support for ink devices Quickly provide input by adding your own handwriting to Office documents on a Tablet PC as you would using a pen and a printout. Additionally, view task panes horizontally to help you do your work on the Tablet PC.

  • Importing, exporting, and linking to a Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services list from Access Export the contents of a table or a query to a Windows SharePoint Services list, import the contents of a Windows SharePoint Services list into a table, and link a table to a Windows SharePoint Services list.

  • Exporting and linking to Access data from Windows SharePoint Services Export a list in its Datasheet view from Windows SharePoint Services to a static table or to a linked table in Access. When you export to a static table, you create a table in Access. You can view and make changes to the table independent of the original list in Windows SharePoint Services. Similarly, you can change the list in Windows SharePoint Services, and that will not affect the table in Access. When you export to a linked table, you create a table in Access and establish a dynamic link between the table and the list such that changes to the table are reflected in the list, and changes to the list are reflected in the table as well.

  • Enhanced font capabilities in SQL views Change the font and font size of text by using the Query design font option added to the Tables/Queries tab of the Options dialog box under the Tools menu in the SQL and query Design views of a query in both an Access database and Access project. These settings apply to all databases and work with the high-contrast and other accessibility settings of your computer.

  • Context-based Help in SQL view Get help specific to Jet SQL keywords, VBA functions, and Access functions in the SQL view of a query in a Microsoft Access database. Simply press F1 to bring up the help that corresponds to the text near the cursor. You can also search the Jet SQL and VBA function reference topics.

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