Creating a Message Box

When you create a macro, you may want to give database users information about how the macro works as it runs. You can create message boxes for your macros that, for example, ask the user if he or she wants to proceed. You do this with the MsgBox action. The MsgBox action allows you to specify the text of the message, whether or not a beep sounds when the box is displayed, the type of box that appears, and the box's title. Access supports five different types of message boxes. Each one has a different icon. The icons convey the importance of the message box, ranging from merely being informative to indicating a serious error.

Create a Message Box


In the Database window, display the macro in Design view to which you want to add a message box.


Click in an action box, and then type MsgBox .


Specify the text you want contained in the message box.


Indicate whether a beep will accompany the message.


Specify the box type.

  • Critical

  • Warning?

  • Warning!

  • Information

  • None


Enter the box title.


When you're done, click the Close button.


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