Splitting a Database

You can reduce the size of a database file by splitting the database. When Access splits a database, it places the tables in one file, called the back-end database , and the other database objects, like forms and reports, in the current database file. This technique stores all of the data in one location, while allowing each user to create his or her own forms and reports in his or her own database files.

Split a Database


Make sure all users close the database, and then close the switchboard, if necessary.


Open the database with administrative privileges.


Click the Tools menu, point to Database Utilities, and then click Database Splitter.


Click Split Database.


Enter the name and location of the back-end database that contains the database tables.


Click Split.


Click OK.


Did You Know?

You can make a backup copy of your database . It is a good idea to back up your database before compacting or splitting it. If an error occurs during either process and data is lost, you can retrieve data from your backup.

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Show Me Microsoft Office Access 2003
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