Documenting a Database

Complex databases can include many tables, forms, permissions, and user accounts. Access helps you keep tabs on all the elements in a database with the Documenter utility. You can use Documenter to print all the information about a database in a summary report.

Document a Database


Click the Tools menu, point to Analyze, and then click Documenter.


Click the All Object Types tab.


Select the check boxes for the objects you want to document.


Click Options.


Click the definitions you want to print for the selected object(s).


Click OK.


Click OK.


Check how many pages will print, and then click the Print button or the Print Preview button.


Did You Know?

You can save the Documenter output . To save the summary report created by the Documenter, click the File menu, and then click Export. Access will then export the report to a Word file, Excel worksheet, or another format.

Show Me Microsoft Office Access 2003
Show Me Microsoft Office Access 2003
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