Working with the Web Toolbar

The Web toolbar provides an easy way to navigate Web pages in any Office program. You can use the Web toolbar to go to your start page (also known as a home page), access a Web search page, or open a specific Web page. You can jump directly to a document on your computer or network, or to a Web page on your intranet or the Internet. In the Address box on the Web toolbar, type the address of the document (including its path ; for example,

Web Toolbar




Click to move back in a series of hyperlinks .


Click to move forward in a series of hyperlinks.


Click to stop the current jump.


Click to refresh the current page.


Click to go to the start page.


Click to display a search page to search the Web.


Click to display a list of favorite Web pages and documents.


Click to go forward or backward, to the start page, or to define your start and search pages.


Click to show only the Web toolbar.

C:\My Documents\Memo\To Do List.doc ) or Web page (a URL; for example, ) that you want to view and press Enter. While you're browsing, you can hide all the other toolbars to gain the greatest space available on your screen and improve readability.

When you have jumped to a document that you would like to return to in the future, you can add the document to a list of favorites. The Favorites button provides shortcuts to files you explore frequently so you won't need to retype long file locations. These shortcuts can open documents on your computer, network, intranet, and the Internet.

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