Creating a Form Using AutoForm


To create a simple form in Access, you can use one of the AutoForm wizards. These wizards quickly arrange the fields from the selected table or query into an attractive form. In a form created with the AutoForm: Columnar Wizard, you see each record's data displayed vertically, and with the AutoForm: Tabular Wizard, you see each record's data horizontally. With the AutoForm: Datasheet Wizard, the form displays the records in Datasheet view. After you create a form, you can save and name it so that you can use it again. If you need a more custom form, you can use the Form Wizard to select the information you want to include from a variety of places.

Create a Form Using the AutoForm Wizard


In the Database window, click Forms on the Objects bar, and then click the New button.


Click the AutoForm you want to create.

  • AutoForm : Columnar to display records in a column.

  • AutoForm : Tabular to display records in rows.

  • AutoForm : Datasheet to display records in Datasheet view.

  • AutoForm : PivotTable to display records in a PivotTable.

  • AutoForm : PivotChart to display records in a PivotChart.


Click the list arrow, and then click the name of a table or query on which to base the form.

graphics/4_icon.jpg Click OK.

After a moment, Access creates a form and displays it in Form view.


Save a New Form


Display the new form in Form view, and then click the Save button on the Form View toolbar.


Type the name of your form.


Click OK.


Create an AutoForm


In the Database window, click Tables or Queries on the Objects bar.


Click the table or query in which you want to create an AutoForm.


Click the New Object button list arrow on the Database toolbar.


Click AutoForm.


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