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This book is dedicated to Alexis R. Johnson and Eric T. Johnson, the best kids in the world.

And to:

Thomas V. Johnson, also known as "the rock." Dad, thanks for making and raising me.

Sheryl Holman, my sister and never-ending source of inspiration.

Karen Dingle, my other sister, who doesn't realize how amazing she really is.

Daryl V. Johnson, my brother whom I always wished I could be more like.

Thomas V. Johnson, Jr., my other brother who always gave me priceless advice during our bunk-bed counseling sessions.

I'd also like to thank the beautiful Elsa Geremew, for putting up with (among other things) my absence, both mentally and physically, during this project.

And last but not leastRuth Johnson, my mother. Ma, I really wish you were around to hold this book in your hands…but I know you were with me when I was writing it.

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