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Mac OS X Tiger for Unix Geeks
By Brian Jepson, Ernest E. Rothman
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: June 2005
ISBN: 0-596-00912-7
Pages: 415

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      Audience for This Book
      Organization of This Book
      Xcode Tools
      Where to Go for More Information
      Conventions Used in This Book
      Comments and Questions
      Safari Enabled
      Acknowledgments from the Previous Editions
      Acknowledgments from Brian Jepson
      Acknowledgments from Ernest E. Rothman
    Part I:  Getting Around
        Chapter 1.  Inside the Terminal
      Section 1.1.  Mac OS X Shells
      Section 1.2.  The Terminal and xterm Compared
      Section 1.3.  Using the Terminal
      Section 1.4.  Customizing the Terminal
      Section 1.5.  The Services Menu
      Section 1.6.  Bonjour
      Section 1.7.  Alternative Terminal Applications
      Section 1.8.  The open Command
        Chapter 2.  Searching and Metadata
      Section 2.1.  Spotlight
      Section 2.2.  Resource Forks and HFS+ Metadata
        Chapter 3.  The Mac OS X Filesystem
      Section 3.1.  Working with Foreign Filesystems
      Section 3.2.  Files and Directories
        Chapter 4.  Startup
      Section 4.1.  Booting Mac OS X
      Section 4.2.  Adding Startup Items
      Section 4.3.  Scheduling Tasks
        Chapter 5.  Directory Services
      Section 5.1.  Understanding Directory Services
      Section 5.2.  Programming with Directory Services
      Section 5.3.  Configuring Directory Services
      Section 5.4.  NetInfo Manager
      Section 5.5.  Directory Services Utilities
      Section 5.6.  Managing Groups
      Section 5.7.  Managing Users and Passwords
      Section 5.8.  Managing Hostnames and IP Addresses
      Section 5.9.  Exporting Directories with NFS
      Section 5.10.  Flat Files and Their Directory Services Counterparts
      Section 5.11.  Restoring the Directory Services Database
        Chapter 6.  Printing
      Section 6.1.  Printer Setup Utility
      Section 6.2.  Common Unix Printing System (CUPS)
      Section 6.3.  Gimp-Print
        Chapter 7.  The X Window System
      Section 7.1.  Installing X11
      Section 7.2.  Running X11
      Section 7.3.  Customizing X11
      Section 7.4.  X11-based Applications and Libraries
      Section 7.5.  Connecting to Other X Window Systems
      Section 7.6.  Virtual Network Computing
        Chapter 8.  Multimedia
      Section 8.1.  Burning CDs
      Section 8.2.  Video
      Section 8.3.  Image Editing
      Section 8.4.  3D Modeling
        Chapter 9.  Third-Party Tools and Applications
      Section 9.1.  Virtual Desktops and Screens
      Section 9.2.  The Application Menu
      Section 9.3.  Exposé
      Section 9.4.  Virtual Desktops
      Section 9.5.  SSH GUIs
      Section 9.6.  R with an Aqua GUI
      Section 9.7.  NeoOffice/J and OpenOffice
        Chapter 10.  Dual-Boot and Beyond
      Section 10.1.  Why Bother?
      Section 10.2.  Linux on Mac Hardware
      Section 10.3.  Emulators on Mac OS X
      Section 10.4.  Emulating the Mac
    Part II:  Building Applications
        Chapter 11.  Compiling Source Code
      Section 11.1.  Compiler Differences
      Section 11.2.  Compiling Unix Source Code
      Section 11.3.  Architectural Issues
      Section 11.4.  X11-based Applications and Libraries
      Section 11.5.  Xgrid
        Chapter 12.  Libraries, Headers, and Frameworks
      Section 12.1.  Header Files
      Section 12.2.  The System Library: libSystem
      Section 12.3.  libstdc++
      Section 12.4.  Shared Libraries Versus Loadable Modules
      Section 12.5.  Library Versions
      Section 12.6.  Creating and Linking Static Libraries
      Section 12.7.  Creating Frameworks
      Section 12.8.  The Dynamic Linker dyld: Prebinding, the Pre-Tiger Way
      Section 12.9.  Performance Tools and Debugging Tools
      Section 12.10.  CHUD Tools
      Section 12.11.  Interesting and Important Libraries
      Section 12.12.  Numerical Libraries
    Part III:  Working with Packages
        Chapter 13.  Fink
      Section 13.1.  Installing Fink
      Section 13.2.  Using Fink
      Section 13.3.  FinkCommander
      Section 13.4.  Installing Binaries
        Chapter 14.  DarwinPorts
      Section 14.1.  Installing DarwinPorts
      Section 14.2.  Using DarwinPorts
      Section 14.3.  DarwinPorts Maintenance
      Section 14.4.  Installing Binaries
      Section 14.5.  DPGUI
        Chapter 15.  Creating and Installing Packages
      Section 15.1.  Using PackageMaker
      Section 15.2.  Using GNU tar
      Section 15.3.  Disk Images
      Section 15.4.  Creating Fink Packages
      Section 15.5.  Creating DarwinPorts Packages
    Part IV:  Serving and System Management
        Chapter 16.  Using Mac OS X as a Server
      Section 16.1.  Getting Connected
      Section 16.2.  Built-in Services: The Sharing Panel
      Section 16.3.  Email
      Section 16.4.  The Mac OS X Firewall
        Chapter 17.  System Management Tools
      Section 17.1.  Diagnostic Utilities
      Section 17.2.  Kernel Utilities
      Section 17.3.  System Configuration
      Section 17.4.  Third-Party Applications
        Chapter 18.  Free Databases
      Section 18.1.  SQLite
      Section 18.2.  MySQL
      Section 18.3.  PostgreSQL
      Section 18.4.  PHP and Perl
        Chapter 19.  Perl and Python
      Section 19.1.  Perl for Mac OS X Geeks
      Section 19.2.  Python for Mac OS X Geeks
    Part V:  Appendixes
        Appendix A.  Mac OS X GUI Primer
        Appendix B.  Mac OS X's Unix Development Tools
      Section B.1.  Standard Unix Development Tools
      Section B.2.  Apple's Command-Line Developer Tools
      Section B.3.  Macintosh Tools
      Section B.4.  Java Development Tools
      Section B.5.  Text Editing and Processing
      Section B.6.  Scripting and Shell Programming
      Section B.7.  Working with Files and Directories
      Section B.8.  File Compression and Storage
      Section B.9.  Searching and Sorting
      Section B.10.  Miscellaneous Tools
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