19.1. Perl for Mac OS X Geeks

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Chapter 19. Perl and Python

As far as Perl and Python are concerned, Mac OS X is just another Unix. But there are some niceties and some quirks that make things a little different from the developer's perspective. In particular, much of Mac OS X's non-Unix APIs, such as Carbon and Cocoa, are accessible through extension modules in both languages.

We suggest limiting your customization of the Perl and Python that came with Mac OS X, since they are both fair game for modification during an upgrade or patch. You could either end up modifying something that the system depends on, or you could end up with a partially broken installation the next time Software Update performs a big Mac OS X update.

It's fine to install whatever modules you want, but if you choose to install a customized or newer version of either Perl or Python, install them in /usr/local so they don't interfere with the ones in /usr. Check the documentation (INSTALL or README files) that came along with the source code for any information specific to Mac OS X, and instructions for specifying an alternate installation prefix.

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