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values.h header file  
vBasicOps library (basic arithmetic)  
vBigNum library  
vDSP library (digital signal processing)  
_ _VEC_ _ macro  
vecLib framework  
verbose mode, booting in  
Version Tracker
       Mac OS X VNC viewers  
       web site  
version. plist file  
versioned bundle structure (frameworks)  
versions, library version numbering  
View in JavaBrowser service  
viewers, VNC  
       Mac OS X viewers  
vim editor  
        color , support for  
       editing XML property list files  
vipw utility  
virtual desktops  
       third-party applications for Mac OS X  
virtual device node  
virtual memory
       kernel library (libkvm)  
       statistics on, top utility  
       vm_stat utility  
Virtual Network Computer   [See VNC]
Virtual Screens   2nd  
       configuration of  
       features of  
       opening multiple application windows on multiple desktops  
vis command  
VLC (VideoLAN application)  
vm_stat utility   2nd  
       information displayed by  
vMathLib library (vectorized transcendental functions)  
vmmap (virtual memory map)  
VNC (Virtual Network Computer)  
        components of  
       connecting to Mac OS X machine with VNC server  
       connections tunneled through SSH  
       installing on Mac OS X wtih Fink  
       Macs connected to, controlling desktops  
       SSH, using with  
               tunneling connection over SSH without TightVNC  
       SSHTunnelManager, creating tunnels for connections with  
       Windows machines, clients and servers for  
VNC/remote desktop/X11  
VNCDimension (Aqua VNC client)  
vncserver command   2nd  
VNCSERVER variable  
vnodes, maximum number of  
volfs filesystem  
VPN service (vpnd), controlling startup of  

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