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UDF (DVD) filesystems  
umbrella frameworks  
       simple frameworks vs.  
uname -v command  
uncompress tool  
uniq tool  
unistd.h header file, lcrypt.h functionality  
Univ. of Michigan, Research Systems Unix Group (Fugu)  
       commands on Mac OS X Unix  
       compiling Unix source code   [See compiling source code]
       development tools, standard  
       ELF (Executable and Linking Format)  
       LyX WYSIWYM document processor  
       for Mac OS X, online resources for  
       MPlayer, audio/video player  
       source code management tools  
       TeX for (teTeX)  
       VNC server  
UnRezWack tool  
unvis command  
unzip command   2nd  
update process (flushing filesystem buffers)  
       dragging and dropping from web browser to Terminal  
       Open URL service  
USB printers  
       shared, using CUPS  
user defaults, viewing all on system  
       home directory for  
       managing with Directory Services  
               adding users  
               creating user with dscl  
               creating user's home directory  
               deleting user with dscl -delete  
               granting administrative privileges  
               listing all users with nireport  
               listing users with nidump  
               modifying user with dscl -create  
utilities   [See commands system management tools]

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