ipconfig getifaddr   interface   ipconfig getoption {   interface   "" } {   option_name     option_code   } ipconfig getpacket   interface   ipconfig ifcount ipconfig set   interface   { BOOTP  DHCP } ipconfig set   interface   { INFORM  MANUAL }   IP_addr netmask   ipconfig waitall 


Interacts with the IP Configuration Agent of configd to manage network configuration changes.



Prints the specified network interface's IP address to standard output.


Prints the value of the specified DHCP option to standard output. If interface is specified, the option is interface-specific. If empty quotes are used instead, the option is global. Option names and numeric codes are DHCP-standard (such as host_name , domain_name , netinfo_server_address , etc.).


Prints DHCP transaction packets to standard output.


Prints the number of network interfaces to standard output.


Sets the method by which the specified network interface is assigned an IP address. Using BOOTP or DHCP causes the system to attempt to contact a server of the appropriate type to obtain IP configuration information. Using INFORM sets the IP address locally, but initiates a DHCP request to obtain additional IP configuration information (DNS servers, default gateway, etc.). Using MANUAL indicates that all IP configuration information is set locally.


Sets the configurations of all network interfaces according to the specifications in /etc/iftab .



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