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advantage database server: the official guide
Advantage Database Server: The Official Guide
by Cary Jensen and Loy Anderson ISBN:0072230843
McGraw-Hill 2003 (468 pages)

This resource delivers to-the-point information on using ADS to build outstanding databases with unparalleled stability, scalability, and performance.

Table of Contents
Advantage Database Server—The Official Guide
Part I - ADS and the Advantage Data Architect
Chapter 1 - Introduction to Advantage Database Server
Chapter 2 - Creating Tables
Chapter 3 - Defining Indexes
Chapter 4 - Understanding and Using Data Dictionaries
Chapter 5 - Defining Constraints and Referential Integrity
Chapter 6 - Working with Views
Chapter 7 - Creating Advantage Extended Procedures (AEPs)
Chapter 8 - Defining Triggers
Part II - Using Advantage SQL
Chapter 9 - Introduction to Using Advantage SQL
Chapter 10 - Using SQL to Perform Common Database Operations
Chapter 11 - Using SQL to Access Metadata and Managed Data Dictionaries
Part III - Accessing ADS Data
Chapter 12 - Using ADS from Delphi
Chapter 13 - Using ADS from Java
Chapter 14 - Using ADS from Visual Basic and ADO
Chapter 15 - Using the Advantage .NET Data Provider
Chapter 16 - Using ADS with ODBC, PHP, and DBI/Perl
Part - IV: Appendixes
Appendix A - ADS Installation and Other Setup Issues
Appendix B - Installing the Code Samples
Appendix C - Book Web Support Site
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Advantage Database Server. The Official Guide
Advantage Database Server: The Official Guide
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