Appendix C: Book Web Support Site

We have provided a Web site, which supports this book and contains general information about it, related upcoming events (such as Advantage training and seminars), a link to this book’s errata, a link for downloading the sample code (the same sample code that is included on the CD-ROM), and links to essential ADS-related sites. This site is located at http://www.JensenDataSystems .com/adsbook.html, or you can go to and follow the link for Advantage Database Server: The Official Guide.

One of the more interesting pages on this site is the errata page. Although we have taken great care to ensure the accuracy of the information, there is always the possibility that we will discover one or more errors after the book has gone to press. If errors are discovered, we will report these errors on the errata page, providing you with corrected information. You will also find a link on the errata page that you can use to report any errors that you discover in the book.

We hope that you will find this Web site useful. Please note, however, that we regret that we cannot provide free support for ADS development. For training, consulting, or development services using the Advantage Database Server, use the links located at For example, lead author Cary Jensen offers onsite ADS training services, which you can use to train your development team on using ADS in the comfort of your own office.

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