What Is a JavaServer Faces Application?

For the most part, a JavaServer Faces application is like any other Java web application. A typical JavaServer Faces application includes the following pieces:

  • A set of JSP pages (although you are not limited to using JSP pages as your presentation technology)

  • A set of backing beans, which are JavaBeans components that define properties and functions for UI components on a page

  • An application configuration resource file, which defines page navigation rules and configures beans and other custom objects, such as custom components

  • A deployment descriptor (a web.xml file)

  • Possibly a set of custom objects created by the application developer. These objects might include custom components, validators, converters, or listeners.

  • A set of custom tags for representing custom objects on the page

A JavaServer Faces application that includes JSP pages also uses the standard tag libraries defined by JavaServer Faces technology for representing UI components and other objects on the page.

The JavaT EE 5 Tutorial
The JavaT EE 5 Tutorial
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