Example Application Overview

The SimpleMessageApp application has the following components:

  • SimpleMessageClient: An application client that sends several messages to a queue

  • SimpleMessageEJB: A message-driven bean that asynchronously receives and processes the messages that are sent to the queue

Figure 231 illustrates the structure of this application. The application client sends messages to the queue, which was created administratively using the Admin Console. The JMS provider (in this case, the Application Server) delivers the messages to the instances of the message-driven bean, which then processes the messages.

Figure 231. The SimpleMessageApp Application

The source code for this application is in the <INSTALL>/javaeetutorial5/examples/ejb/simplemessage/ directory.

The JavaT EE 5 Tutorial
The JavaT EE 5 Tutorial
Year: 2004
Pages: 309

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