List of Lessons

Chapter 1: XML Notepad Stories

Lesson: What Have We Learned So Far?

Chapter 3: A Pressing Matter

Lesson: What Have We Learned?

Chapter 5: Expressing Ideas

Lesson: DigressionDoing It Right
Lesson: The Key Lesson

Chapter 6: The First Customer Acceptance Test

Lesson: Remarks on Technique
Lesson: What We Learned

Chapter 7: Warts and All

Lesson: Lessons Relearned Today

Chapter 8: The InputCommand Object

Lesson: What We Learned

Chapter 9: Story One Is Done!

Lesson: Retrospectives

Chapter 15: Climbing Out of the Rat Hole

Lesson: My Point, and I Do Have One

Chapter 17: How Do We Do a Test That We Cant Do?

Lesson: Lets Sum Up

Chapter 25: Tagging Along

Lesson: A Little Reflection
Lesson: Copy and Paste?
Lesson: Hows It Going So Far?
Lesson: Incremental Design and Development
Lesson: Open Questions

Chapter 26: Menu Arrays

Lesson: Quick Reflection
Lesson: Where Are We Now?

Chapter 27: Displaying the Article

Lesson: Is There a Lesson Here?

Chapter 28: Oh No! Undo!

Lesson: Lets Reflect
Lesson: Lets Reflect

Chapter 30: The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul

Lesson: First-Take ExcerptDragging On and On...
Lesson: First-Take ExcerptThe Value of Reflection

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