What s on the CD?

This book includes a copy of the Publisher s Edition of Red Hat Linux from Red Hat, Inc., which you may use in accordance with the license agreement found at: http://www.redhat.com/licenses . Official Red Hat Linux , which you may purchase from Red Hat, includes the complete Red Hat Linux distribution, Red Hat s documentation, and may include technical support for Red Hat Linux . You also may purchase or download technical support from Red Hat. You may purchase Red Hat Linux and technical support from Red Hat through the company s web site ( www.redhat.com ) or its toll-free number 1.888.REDHAT1.

System Requirements

  • Pentium CPU or higher ”Pentium 200MHz for text mode, Pentium II 400MHz for graphical mode

  • 64MB of RAM for text mode, 128MB of RAM minimum for a graphical workstation ”192MB is recommended

  • 475MB of hard disk space ”2GB or more will greatly enhance your freedom to experiment with Linux

  • Bootable CD-ROM Drive or Floppy

  • A backup of your current system in case of emergency

  • A supported video card and monitor

  • A keyboard and mouse

  • Red Hat Linux supports most modern Intel-compatible PC hardware. If you have questions about hardware compatibility with Red Hat Linux 9, check the hardware compatibility list at http://hardware.redhat.com/hcl .

Software Support

Components of the supplemental Software and any offers associated with them may be supported by the specific Owner(s) of that material but they are not supported by SYBEX. Information regarding any available support may be obtained from the Owner(s) using the information provided in the appropriate README files or listed elsewhere on the media.

Should the manufacturer(s) or other Owner(s) cease to offer support or decline to honor any offer, SYBEX bears no responsibility. This notice concerning support for the Software is provided for your information only. SYBEX is not the agent or principal of the Owner(s), and SYBEX is in no way responsible for providing any support for the Software, nor is it liable or responsible for any support provided, or not provided, by the Owner(s).


Mastering Red Hat Linux 9
Building Tablet PC Applications (Pro-Developer)
ISBN: 078214179X
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 220

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