Other Commands

Web Chapter 01 describes commands related to basic Linux certification. These commands are explained in more detail in Table A.38.

Table A.38: Other Linux Commands




Starts the DHCP client for Red Hat Linux 7.2 (now obsolete).


Associates a network type such as 10baseT (Ethernet) or 100baseT (Fast Ethernet) with a network interface; it works only with a limited group of fairly generic network drivers.


Confirms a connection to a host or an IP address via a specific network device; commonly used in a script.


Starts the Internet Network News Daemon; you can use this daemon to configure newsgroups. Key configuration files are in the /etc/news directory, including inn.conf . There s also a configuration file syntax checker, /usr/lib/news/bin/inncheck .


Mounts a shared Novell directory; requires the ipxutils-* and ncpfs-* RPM packages.


Starts the DHCP client for Red Hat Linux 7.1 (now obsolete).


Lists the routing table; e.g., the route -n command lists the routing table for the local computer. Associates different IP addresses with network devices and IP gateway addresses.


Associates a network device (such as eth0 ) to a serial port (such as /dev/ttyS0 ); prepares a device for a PPP or SLIP connection.


Incorporates SSL encryption in a direct connection between two computers over a public network such as the Internet; one way to implement virtual private networking.


The superuser command; a regular user who wants to assume root user privileges, and who has the root password, can use this command to log in as root. Alternatively, su -c ˜ command can work for the single command.


The superuser do command; refers to /etc/ sudoers for authorized users. By default, once the root password is given, the authorization is good for 5 minutes.


Starts the talk daemon, part of the talk-server-* RPM package, which can help one user initiate a conversation with another.


Queries the Internet registry database; for example, administrative information for the Sybex website is available through the whois Sybex.com command.


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