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package groups, removing from Fedora Linux
package manager, YaST
     apt-mirror, configuring
     caching by yum
     identifying with yum
     installing with Yum Extender
     listing with yum
     local packages, creating Debian mirrors
     options, configuring apt for RPM
     removing with Yum Extender
     required yum packges
     selecting with Synaptic Package Manager
     System Update (YaST)
         maintaining repositories
         with Yum Extender
partitions, configuring repositories
patch CD updates, YaST
patch management
     Red Hat
patch sources [See sources for patches]
patch testing
     testing application patches
     testing kernels
     testing patch installations
     testing service patches
patches 2nd
     application patches, testing
     bug fixes
     kernel patches
     kernel upgrades
     security fixes
     service patches
     service upgrades
physical volume (PV)
planning trees, creating repositories
pointing updates to mirrors
power outages, updating repositories
problems, configuring proxy clients
processing RPM-based repositories, apt
production computers
provisioning proxy subscriptions (Red Hat Network Proxy Server)
proxy clients, configuring
     automating updates
     copying certificate keys
     reconfiguring Update Agent
proxy packages, installing proxy servers (Red Hat Network Proxy Server)
proxy servers
     configuring for Red Hat Network Proxy Server 2nd 3rd
         configuration suggestions
         configuring proxy as router
         creating certificate keys
         firewall provisions
         installation requirements
         installing proxy packages
         provisioning proxy subscriptions
         synchronizing time
     RHEL updates
proxy, configuring as routers (Red Hat Network Proxy Server)
purchasing subscriptions for RHEL
PV (physical volume)

Linux(r) Patch Management(c) Keeping Linux(r) Systems Up To Date
Linux Patch Management: Keeping Linux Systems Up To Date
ISBN: 0132366754
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 80
Authors: Michael Jang

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