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LDP (Linux Documentation Project)

The LDP is a global effort to produce reliable documentation for all aspects of the Linux operating system. Its work is available online at www.tldp.org.


The lftp command starts a slightly more flexible FTP command line client.

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol allows you to keep authentication information on a central server on your network.


The locate command searches through a default database of files and directories.


The logrotate command utility allows you maintain log files. By default, RHEL 3 uses the cron daemon to rotate, compress, and remove various log files.


You can use the lpq command to view print jobs still in progress.


You can use the lpr command to send print requests.


You can use the lprm command to remove print jobs from the queue.

logical extent (LE)

A logical extent (LE) is a chunk of disk space that corresponds to a physical extent (PE).

logical volume (LV)

A logical volume (LV) is composed of a group of LEs.

Logical Volume Management (LVM)

Logical Volume Management (LVM) allows you to set up a filesystem on multiple partitions.


The lvcreate command creates a logical volume (LV) from a specified number of available PEs.


The lvremove command is functionally opposite to the lvcreate command.

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RCHE Red Hat Certified Engineer Linux Study Guide[c] Exam (Rh302)
RCHE Red Hat Certified Engineer Linux Study Guide[c] Exam (Rh302)
ISBN: 71765654
Year: 2003
Pages: 194

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