There are many decisions that youll need to consider when working with Flash and XML. In this section, Ive looked at some of the major points that any Flash developer should address when creating Flash XML applications.

You should start by checking whether XML is the best storage mechanism for your data. You can decide this by considering how important response speed is in the application and where the data is currently stored.

If you decide to go ahead with XML to provide your data, youll need to determine whether the application requires real-time or multiuser interaction. You should also take into account whether the data is time sensitive. If these considerations are important, youll need to use the XMLSocket class with a socket server. This means youll need to purchase, install, and configure a socket server.

If youre not using XMLSockets, youll be able to choose between the data components and the XML class, depending on your version of Flash, the Flash players youre targeting, and your working style. Developers who own Flash Professional and who are targeting Flash Player 7 and up will have the widest range of choices available to them.

Foundation XML for Flash
Foundation XML for Flash
ISBN: 1590595432
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Year: 2003
Pages: 93
Authors: Sas Jacobs

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