What Socket Servers are Available?

Table 10-1 shows some common socket servers that you can download. Some are free, and others youll have to purchase. Some vendors offer a trial version with limited functionality.

Table 10-1: Common socket servers






Available for Windows and Linux. You can download a trial version.



Free Java-based socket server.


http://swocket. sourceforge .net/

Open source server built in Python.

Unity 2

www. moock .org/unity/

Available for Unix, Macintosh OS X, and Windows. You can download a free developer s version of Unity with trial applications for Flash.

Before you purchase a socket server, check that it provides comprehensive documentation about installation and configuration. It will also be useful if the server includes sample applications that you can view or modify.

After youve chosen your socket server, youll need to install it on your computer. In the example that follows , Ill show you how to download and install the Unity 2 server. You can install Unity on a Windows, Macintosh OS X, or Unix computer. Youll need to have at least Java 1.3 installed before you can run the Unity 2 server. In Windows, you can check this by choosing All Programs image from book Control Panel image from book Add or Remove Programs and looking for the entry Java Runtime Environment . The entry should show the version. If necessary, you can download Java from http://java.sun.com/j2se/ downloads/index.html.

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