Socket Server Considerations

Youll need to consider a couple of issues before you select and install a socket server. These include the server environment and security.

Although a socket server can run on its own, youll usually locate it on the same machine as your web server. If youre working locally, installing a socket server is not likely to be a problem. If you want to distribute your XMLSocket applications via the Web, youll need to install the socket server on the hosting computer. It may be best to check with your web host first, in case they have restrictions or support a specific socket server.

If youre using a Java-based socket server to develop an XMLSocket application on your computer, youll need to have the JRE installed. On Windows, you can check by choosing All Programs image from book Control Panel image from book Add or Remove Programs . You will see the Java Runtime Environment entry listed if you have a copy installed. If not, you can find the latest version at Flash only uses port numbers from 1024 upward to communicate with a socket server. Youll need to specify the port number when you connect to the socket server. If you have a firewall installed on your computer, you may have to configure it so that it will allow traffic on that port number.

Youll also need to think about Flash Player security. If your users are located in a different domain or subdomain, youll need to add a policy file so that they can load data into their Flash Player. You can find out more about security in Chapter 4.

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