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Feel the need to add some punch to a presentation, without creating the items yourself? Consider clip art. Delivered with every version of Office, as well as with individual copies of Office products, Clip Gallery (Office 97 and 2000) and Clip Organizer (Office 2002 and 2003) include sound files, movie clips, drawings and photographs. Each item in the gallery contains not only the item, but also keywords to search and find exactly the item needed.

Clip Art items are added to a presentation via the Insert menu. Use Insert Pictures Clip Art for pictures (both drawings and photographs), Insert Movies and Sounds Movie from Clip Organizer for movie clips, and Insert Movies and Sounds Sounds from Clip Organizer for sound clips.

That's not as complicated as it sounds. Bringing up the Clip Organizer in any of these three ways will give you access to all of the clips.

Once you are viewing the clips, search for specific clips by entering words in the search box. In PowerPoint 2000 and earlier, the Clip Gallery runs in a dialog box. In PowerPoint 2002 and later, it runs as a task pane will appear on the right side of the screen.

If you have clip collections on the computer other than the ones in the Clip Gallery or Organizer, you can import them. The clips are not actually moved from their location on the hard drive. Instead, the location of each clip is stored with the existing clip data.

If the clips delivered with PowerPoint don't meet your needs, add items from the Microsoft website. With the Gallery or Organizer open , look for a link to Clips Online. It will automatically take you the Microsoft clip art web site where you can find more sounds, pictures and movies.

If you upgrade from PowerPoint 2000 or earlier to PowerPoint 2002 or later, old clip items can be added to the new version's Clip Organizer. Unfortunately, the process of importing them will lose the keywords attached to each clip. Since most of the old clip art is found in the new gallery as well, the loss of keywords should not be a problem.

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