Chapter 9: Presentation Linking


Sam handles employee benefits for her company. When her company went to a cafeteria plan for employee benefits, she was tasked with creating a series of presentations to quickly bring the entire company up to speed on the new plan options before open enrollment. While developing the presentations, Sam realized that she needed to know much more about linking within PowerPoint presentations as well as how to link to material outside of the presentations.

I have to create a series of kiosk-style presentations that pull information from a number of sources and link seamlessly between the sources. I know what has to go in each presentation and I have a good idea of how the employees are going to move around within and between the presentations. I am unclear about how to make sure all of the navigation elements are on each slide and every user understands how to move around. I am also hitting some roadblocks on connecting the information sources and presentations.

When I test my presentations, I am having problems with links not working, documents and forms not linking correctly, and general confusion by the participants about the presentations.

Sam designed her presentations well. Each presentation worked when taken alone. However, when it came time to put the pieces together, she didn't know how to set up her links so everything was viewable.

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