So What Fonts Should Denny Use?

After learning all he needed to know about fonts, Denny decided he didn't like the fonts the different Divisions were using, and he didn't like the fonts he had originally selected either. All of the font sets were too difficult to read for various reasons.

Denny decided to go with a very standard set of fonts. He chose Bookman Old Style for main text font, Trebuchet for title text and Lucinda and Impact for specialty fonts. After making these choices, he needed to quickly change all of the fonts on the slides for each division.

Denny knew he could change the text in the placeholders by changing and re-applying the corporate template. However, he still needed to update all the text boxes and the autoshape text in the presentations. His answer: Replace Fonts.

Kathy Jacobs On PowerPoint
Kathy Jacobs On PowerPoint
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