Using The Wrong Fonts For Distributable Presentations


You worked days to get the presentation just right. Then, you sent it to your boss to review it. The first thing you hear back from her is the slides look terrible. The letters are too small, the lines are cramped together and some of the characters don't even show. Turns out, you used a font your boss doesn't have and you didn't embed it.

Same presentation, round two. This time you embed the fonts. Better, but now you hear from your boss she gets an error message when she opens it in PowerPoint 2003. The file is not able to be edited because the font is not fully embedded.


First, try to always use the standard fonts. If you need to use a font that isn't standard, be sure to embed it. If you do embed it, make sure you test the presentation on another computer to be sure it looks right.

If you need a refresher course on choosing and embedding your fonts, re-read Chapter 4.

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