PowerPoint To Video: VHS Or DVD

Like Curt, there are times when you want to convert a presentation so it can be viewed without a computer. The most common of these conversions are to either VHS tape or to DVD.

In order for Windows to record presentations for use with VHS or DVD, additional hardware and/or software must be used to capture and record the presentation to the desired media. Apple users have this option built into PowerPoint and the Apple computer hardware.

Record To VHS Tape

Recording to VHS requires either

  • A computer with a TV Out video card such as the ATI All-In-Wonder TM

  • Conversion hardware to take the monitor's signal and convert it into a TV signal that can be recorded.

The cabling required to do this is usually included with the vendor's video card or conversion hardware and should be used as each work a bit differently.

While the steps to record are straightforward once the hardware is connected, keep in mind there is a huge difference between a computer monitor and a television. Televisions have a much lower resolution, are easily oversaturated with bright colors and typically clip some of the image along the edges.

To make it easier, connect a television to the video recording system while creating the presentation so you can see in realtime what the image looks like. This will save untold hours going back and adjusting the presentation for proper appearance.

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Tip 55: Presentation recording tutorial

Looking for Austin's full tutorial on recording presentation? Check out this URL from Sonia Coleman's site:
This tutorial comes complete with full- color pictures of the equipment (including the cables), as well as a pair of drawings detailing where to put which piece of equipment when you set up the recording hardware.

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Record To DVD

There are two methods available for converting a presentation for DVD delivery: Playing the presentation and using a DVD recorder attached to the TV to capture the output, or capturing the presentation on the computer and then copying the output to a DVD.

Using A DVD Recorder Attached To Your TV

The first method uses a Video Out card or converter, which is used in the same manner as recording to VHS. Complete the wiring per the video card manufacturer's directions, start the DVD recording and play the presentation on the computer. Note this method is subject to the same quality loss in the conversion process described for VHS recordings. It also is limited in that you can't edit the video in any way.

Using A DVD Recorder On Your Computer

The second method to record to DVD uses software to capture the presentation and then uses a DVD burner on the computer to create the DVD. This process is more complex but does have several benefits, the biggest being the ability to edit the resulting file. This process also allows a DVD menu to be created for playback in a standard DVD player.

Once the video is captured, save it to DVD with the software that came with the DVD burner. Test the completed DVD on a separate DVD player before distributing it.

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Kathy Jacobs On PowerPoint
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