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advanced topics in global information management, volume 3
Advanced Topics in Global Information Management, Volume 3
by M. Gordon Hunter and Felix B. Tan (eds) ISBN:1591402514
Idea Group Publishing 2004 (350 pages)

This is the third book in a series on advanced topics in global information management (GIM). It follows GIM research and progress, and how some scholars challenge the status quo.

Table of Contents
Advanced Topics in Global Information Management, Volume 3
Section I - Global Themes
Chapter 1- Information Technology and the Internationalization of the Firm
Chapter 2- Cultural Differences in E-Commerce: A Comparison between the U.S. and China
Chapter 3- Initial E-Commerce Efforts in Nine Least Developed Countries: Review of National Infrastructure, Business Approaches, and Product Selection
Chapter 4- A Contigency Theory for Online Consumer Retention: The Role of Online Shopping Habit
Chapter 5- Software and Culture: Beyond the Internationalization of the Interface
Chapter 6- Culture, Information Technology Choice and Empowerment: Revisiting the Interplay
Chapter 7- Using a GSS to Support Virtual Team-Building: A Theoretical Framework
Chapter 8- An Exploratory Study and Design of Cross-Cultural Impact of Information Systems Managers' Performance, Job Satisfaction and Managerial Value
Chapter 9- STP Technology and Global Financial Market: An Assessment Framework and a Case Study
Chapter 10- Evolutionary Stages of E-Tailers and Retailers: Firm Value Determinants Model
Section II - Regional Themes
Chapter 11- Fundamental Risk Factors in Deploying IT/IS Projects in Omani Government Organisations
Chapter 12- Legislation Systems Project: An Ethnographic Case Study of Computerisation and the Production of Legislation in Tasmania, Australia
Chapter 13- Adoption of Electronic Data Interchange in Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Chapter 14- How Can We Enhance Member Participation in Virtual Communities?
Chapter 15- The Role of Inter-Organizational Trust in B2B E-Commerce
Chapter 16- Perceptions and Attitudes About eCommerce Development in China: An Exploratory Study
Chapter 17- A Comparative Analysis of Major ERP Life Cycle Implementation, Management and Support Issues in Queensland Government
Chapter 18- Relationship of Some Organizational Factors to Information Systems Effectiveness: A Contingency Analysis of Egyptian Data
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Advanced Topics in Global Information Management (Vol. 3)
Trust in Knowledge Management and Systems in Organizations
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