Recipe 13.5 Adding Items to a View


13.5.1 Problem

You've created a plug-in that supports a view, and you want to add items to that view.

13.5.2 Solution

If you've created the plug-in with a PDE template, just customize the initialize method.

13.5.3 Discussion

How you customize the items in a view depends on whether you've based that view on an SWT table or an SWT tree. In the example developed in the previous recipe, ViewPlugIn , our view was based on a tree. You create the tree structure under a TreeParent object named invisibleRoot in the initialize method of . The following code creates a tree of nodes in the view (note that in a real application, you'd build this tree to reflect your data model).

 private void initialize( ) {  TreeObject to1 = new TreeObject("Item 1");   TreeObject to2 = new TreeObject("Item 2");   TreeObject to3 = new TreeObject("Item 3");   TreeObject to4 = new TreeObject("Item 4");   TreeParent p1 = new TreeParent("Parent 1");   p1.addChild(to1);   p1.addChild(to2);   p1.addChild(to3);   p1.addChild(to4);   TreeObject to5 = new TreeObject("Item 5");   TreeParent p2 = new TreeParent("Parent 2");   p2.addChild(to4);   TreeParent root = new TreeParent("Root");   root.addChild(p1);   root.addChild(p2);   invisibleRoot = new TreeParent("");   invisibleRoot.addChild(root);  } } 

This configures the tree object that will appear in the view. To make these items actually do something when clicked (with either mouse button) or double-clicked, see the following recipe.

13.5.4 See Also

Recipe 13.4 on creating a plug-in that supports views; Recipe 13.6 on configuring the actions for a view; Chapter 11 and Chapter 12 of Eclipse ( O'Reilly).

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