Recipe 6.6 Visually Labeling Files Under Version Control


6.6.1 Problem

You want to see at a glance what files in a project are under version control.

6.6.2 Solution

Turn on CVS decorations by selecting Window Preferences Workbench Label Decorations, check the CVS checkbox, and click OK.

6.6.3 Discussion

To make Eclipse indicate which files are under version control, you turn on CVS label decorations. Select Window Preferences Workbench Label Decorations to open the Preferences dialog, then check the "CVS" checkbox, and click OK. This makes Eclipse add a gold cylinder to the icons of files under CVS version control, as shown in the GreetingApp project in Figure 6-7. Note also that files in the repository will have a CVS version number showing; that version is 1.1 here.

Figure 6-7. Files under version control

6.6.4 See Also

Chapter 4 of Eclipse (O'Reilly).

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