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ADO.NET Programming in Visual Basic .NET
By Steve  Holzner, Bob  Howell
Publisher : Prentice Hall PTR
Pub Date : December 30, 2002
ISBN : 0-13-101881-7
Pages : 432

With ADO.NET, you can build database-enabled applications and Web services with more speed, flexibility, and power than ever before. ADO.NET Programming in Visual Basic .NET teaches you all you'll need to know to make the most of ADO.NET - whether you're an experienced Visual Basic database programmer or not. The authors' realistic code examples and practical insights illuminate ADO.NET from its foundations to state-of-the-art data binding and application optimization.

Coverage includes -

  • Understanding the ADO.NET class libraries

  • Utilizing Visual Basic.NET's powerful database programming tools

  • Connecting to databases using ADO.NET's wide range of data providers

  • Using DataSets to read, store, and process XML data

  • Mastering data binding with Windows Forms and ASP.NET Web Forms

  • Building data-driven XML-based Web Services and Windows thin client applications

The book concludes with a complete case study application - constructing a .NET version of the powerful ADO data control that VB 6 programmers loved, but isn't included in ADO.NET.


ADO. NET Programming in Visual Basic. NET
ADO.NET Programming in Visual Basic .NET (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 0131018817
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Year: 2005
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