Table of Contents

  Table of Contents
ADO.NET Programming in Visual Basic .NET
By Steve  Holzner, Bob  Howell
Publisher : Prentice Hall PTR
Pub Date : December 30, 2002
ISBN : 0-13-101881-7
Pages : 432

        A Disruptive Release
        VB .NET
        ADO .NET Programming
        What's In This Book?
        Typographic Conventions
        What You Will Need
        Using the FTP Site
      Chapter 1.   Visual Basic .NET Database Programming
        Database Access in VB .NET
        Your First ADO .NET Program
        An ADO .NET Windows Form Program
      Chapter 2.   Object-Oriented Programming in Visual Basic .NET
        A Thumbnail Sketch of OOP
        Terms and Definitions
        Events and Delegates
      Chapter 3.   Visual Basic .NET Database Tools
        A Roadmap of the IDE
        Opening or Creating a Project
        ASP .NET Projects
        Other Types of Applications
        The Server Explorer
        Installing the MSDE
        Creating Databases
        Views and the Query Designer
        Database Diagrams
        Database Projects
      Chapter 4.   The ADO .NET Class Library
        ADO .NET Class Library Overview
        Comparison of ADO .NET and ADO 2.x
        Multitier Application Design
        The SqlClient and OleDbClient Classes
        The Connection Classes
        The Command Class
        The DataAdapter Class
        The DataSet Class
      Chapter 5.   Connecting to Databases
        Using The Connection Class
        The SQL Server Data Provider
        The Oracle Data Provider
        The Microsoft Access (Jet) Database Provider
        Connection Class Events
        Using TransactionsThe Transaction Class
      Chapter 6.   ADO .NET DataAdapters
        The DataAdapter Classes
        The DataAdapter Configuration Wizard
        The Query Builder
        Concurrency Management
        The Select Command
        The Update Command
        The Insert and Delete Commands
        Programmatically Configuring a DataAdapter Using the CommandBuilder
        Programmatically Configuring the DataAdapter Using Your Own Code
        Parsing Your SQL StatementA Better Way
      Chapter 7.   The ADO .NET DataSet
        What Is XML
        An Overview of the DataSet
        Typed and Untyped DataSets
        The DataTable Class
        The DataColumn Class
        Typed DataSets
        Untyped DataSets
        Master-Detail Relations in the DataSet
        Using the DataView Class
      Chapter 8.   Data Binding in Windows Forms
        Data Binding in Windows Forms
        The CurrencyManager Class
        The Data Form Wizard
        Binding to Other Objects (Arrays, Lists, etc.)
        The Binding Class
        Simple Bound Controls
        Complex Bound ControlsListBoxes, ComboBoxes, and the DataGrid
        The DataGrid
      Chapter 9.   Data Binding in Web Forms
        The Life Cycle of a Web Form
        Maintaining Session State
        Setting Up Internet Information Server 5.0
        ASP .NET and HTMLUniversal Browser Support
        The Data-Bound Web Form
        The Simple Web Controls
        The Complex Web Controls
        The Web DataGrid
        The DataList Control
      Chapter 10.   Building XML Web Services
        Multitier Application Services
        Creating An ASP .NET Web Services Project
        The CustomersOrders Web Service
        Using Web Services with Windows Forms Clients
        Using Web Services with Web Forms Clients
      Chapter 11.   Creating Your Own Data Control
        About UserControls
        Creating the Project
        Creating the Visual Interface
        Creating a Test Harness
        Adding the Functionality
        Creating the Components
        Event Handlers
        Completing the Test Harness
        Initialization Code
        Reading the Data and Schema
        The Navigation Procedure
        Exposing the Data Table to the World
        Let's Try It!
        Updating the Database


ADO. NET Programming in Visual Basic. NET
ADO.NET Programming in Visual Basic .NET (2nd Edition)
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