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cascading style sheets (CSS)
       XLinks   2nd  
cast expressions  
       data types   2nd   3rd  
castable expressions
       data types  
       text nodes   2nd  
ceiling functions (numeric functions)  
ceiling functions (XPath 2.0)   2nd   3rd  
character-points (XPointers)  
child axis  
child axis (XPath axes)  
child nodes
       XSLT templates, applying for   2nd  
child nodes (XPointers)  
       ]* location path   2nd  
               ]planet location path  
       ] name /descendant[
               ]planet location path  
       ]node location path  
       ]planet location path  
               ] color = "RED" location path  
               ]color = "RED"][position() = 3] location path  
               ]name location path  
       ]planet[position() = 3 location path  
       ]planet[position() = 3][attribute[
               ]color="RED" location path  
       ]planet[position() = last() location path  
               ]planet[position() = 4 ]/child[;]name[position() = 3] location path  
       ]text location path  
children property
       document nodes  
       element nodes  
client program XSLT transformations
       example of   2nd  
code points (Unicode)
               ] codepoints -to-string function   2nd  
               ]string-to-codepoints function   2nd  
codepoints-to-string functions (XPath 2.0)   2nd  
collapsed ranges (XPointers)  
collection functions (XPath 2.0)   2nd  
comment nodes  
       string values  
       XSLT template rules   2nd  
comment nodes (XPath 2.0 data model)  
comment() node test
comment() node tests  
       XPath 2.0, creating in  
       XPath 2.0, nesting in   2nd  
compare functions (XPath 2.0)   2nd   3rd  
comparison expressions
       creating   2nd   3rd   4th   5th   6th  
               general comparison   2nd   3rd  
               node comparison  
               order comparison  
               value comparison  
compound location paths
       pipe character   2nd  
       predicates   2nd  
               nested predicates  
               predicates without operators  
concat functions (string functions)   2nd  
concat functions (XPath 2.0)   2nd  
conditional expressions
       creating   2nd   3rd  
       if   2nd  
construction functions (XPath 2.0)   2nd   3rd   4th  
constructor functions  
contains functions (string functions)   2nd   3rd  
contains functions (XPath 2.0)   2nd  
context (XPath)  
       context node   2nd  
               location paths  
               versus current node  
       context position  
       context size  
       function library  
       XML namespace declarations  
context functions (XPath 2.0)  
context functions (XPath 2.0)
               ] current-date   2nd  
               ]current-dateTime   2nd  
               ]current-time   2nd  
               ]last   2nd   3rd   4th  
               ]position   2nd   3rd   4th  
context item expressions  
context node (XPath context)   2nd  
       versus current node  
context nodes  
context nodes (XPath context)
       location paths  
context position (XPath context)  
context size (XPath context)  
               in XSLT   2nd   3rd   4th   5th   6th   7th  
count function (XQuery)  
count functions (node-set functions)   2nd  
count functions (XPath 2.0)  
CSS (cascading style sheets)
       XLinks   2nd  
current node
       versus context node  
current-date functions (XPath 2.0)   2nd  
current-dateTime functions (XPath 2.0)   2nd  
current-time functions (XPath 2.0)   2nd  

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