Converting RSS to Applets with RSSViewerApplet

Here's a cool oneRSSViewerApplet ( This package displays RSS feeds in a Java applet in your Web page. Applets are bits of Java-powered code that work in browsers and display their results in a section of a Web page.

Select the RSS source you want to read from, choose and configure the colors you want for your feed, and click the Preview button (Figure 9.31). You'll see a preview of the applet, and a box containing the applet's code.

Figure 9.31. RSSViewerApplet lets you select colors for your feed.

Just copy the applet code and place it in a Web page of your own, like this:

    <html>      <head>        <title>Using RSSViewerApplet</title>      </head>            <body>        <h1>Using RSSViewerApplet</h1>        <APPLET code=com.exploringxml.rss.applet.RSSViewerApplet.class        archive=        codebase= width=300 height=300>          <PARAM name=src            value=>          <PARAM value=sansserif>          <PARAM name=title.font.size value=10>          <PARAM value=bold>          <PARAM value=sansserif>          <PARAM name=item.font.size value=10>          <PARAM value=bold>        </APPLET>      </body>    </html> 

The applet displays the WebReference news ( RSS feed (Figure 9.32).

Figure 9.32. RSSViewerApplet is at work displaying a news feed.

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