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Corel Painter 8 fast&easy
By Eric D. Grebler
Publisher : Premier Press
Pub Date : 2003
ISBN : 1-59200-149-1
Pages : 368
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"Corel Painter 8 Fast & Easy" puts you on the fast track to master the latest version of this popular application. Through step-by-step instructions and screen shots, you'll learn a variety of techniques and creative tricks to create artwork quickly and make your work stand out. Use your imagination and create masterpieces that go beyond the capabilities of a traditional canvas and brush!


  • Covers the new features of the latest version of Corel Painter.

  • Uses step-by-step instructions and a ton of screenshots to get readers up and running quickly

  • Corel has a good name -- major accounts using Painter include Hallmark, BMW, and Daimler Chrysler

  • Wacom sells over 500,000 additional units of Painter with their tablets per year with every art institute in the US licensed on Corel Painter.

  • Available on both Mac and PC.

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Corel Painter 8 Fast & Easy
Corel Painter 8 Fast & Easy (Fast & Easy (Premier Press))
ISBN: 1592001491
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