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Several of the tags for the Struts configuration file give you the option to nest metadata tags. The metadata tags exist solely for adding extra information to the configuration file that will show up in GUI tools and the like; Struts itself ignores the metadata tags. None of the metadata tags has any attributes; thus, you just add text between opening and closing tags to specify their value, as shown here:

<action path="/search"         type="">   <icon>     <small-icon>small.gif</small-icon>     <large-icon>large.gif</large-icon>   </icon>   <display-name>Search Action</display-name>   <description>Search Action searches for employees.</description> </action>

The following table lists and describes each of the metadata tags.




Defines descriptive text for the enclosing tag.


Defines a short description (or name) for the enclosing tag.


Encapsulates an instance of the large-icon and the small-icon tags.


Defines the location for a large (32 x 32 pixel) icon to associate to the enclosing tag.


Defines the location for a small (16 x 16 pixel) icon to associate to the enclosing tag.

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