I am deeply indebted to all of my clients who have worked with me over the years and who are the true pioneers in having fun learning about their customers. Many of them (okay, all of them!) had to make the same leap of faith that I'm asking you to make in reading this bookactually playing Innovation Games with your customers. It is my great honor to work for them.

I am equally indebted to the generosity of the many reviewers from around the world who worked to help me write the best book possible. First and foremost is my wife, Jena, who among so many other wonderful things that she does, gets the credit for tempering my use of rhetorical questions. Where would I be without her?

Other reviewers who have been so very helpful include (in alphabetical order) Dottie Acton, Sinan Si Alhir, Cliff Apsey, Paul Bain, Paul Becker, Greg Belaus, Steve Berczuk, Mark Better, Hugh R. Beyer, Lynn Bittner, Dave Brinkley, Sheri Byrne, Larry Cady, Mike Cohn, Philip Costa, dcamp attendees, Jordan Du Val, Bruce Eckfeldt, Nancy Frishberg, Scott Gilbert, Francine Gordon, Ellen Gottesdiener, Andre Gous, Donald Gray, Karen Gray (with a special mention for great editing), Bruce Griffin, Jeff Grigg, Jeff Griswold, Brent Harrison, Michael Hunter, Don Jarrell, Paul Jenkins, Dave J. Johansen, Steve Johnson, Christine Jorgenson, Cindy Lu, Ron Lunde, Tobias Mayer, Steve Meredith, Linda Merrick, Jacqueline Meyer, Steve Mezak, Jacquelyn Michel, Jeff Miller, Keith Mitchell, Tushar Montaño, Rick Mugridge, Dan Muto, Barbara Nelson, Jade Ohlhauser, Melisa Oldland, Steven Peacock, Kert Peterson, Scott Peterson, Tom Pittman, Andy Pols, Scott Pringle, Rob Purser, Dave Quick, Chuck Rabb, Charley Rego, Linda Rising, Doug Rybacki, Daryl Sconyers, Dharmesh Shah, Sharkidog, Daniel Shefer, the Silicon Valley Patterns Group, Dave W. Smith, David Spann, Dan Stadler, Gabriel Steinhardt, Susan Talarico, Larry Teslar, Lisa Teslar, Harold Thomas, Bill Trosky, Robert Vallelunga, William Wake, Anthony Williams, and Mike Young.

Very special thanks to the Enthiosys team for all their hard work in helping our clients create innovative products and services.

I'd like to thank Barbara Hacha for her superb copy editing, and Kim Scott for creating the terrific graphic layout for the book.

Finally, I am deeply thankful for the help of Michael Thurston, my book developer. He worked many long hours helping me organize and shape the material that is in this book. He did a stellar job.

I apologize, in advance, for anyone not explicitly acknowledged here.

Luke Hohmann

Innovation Games(c) Creating Breakthrough Products Through Collaborative Play
Innovation Games: Creating Breakthrough Products Through Collaborative Play
ISBN: 0321437292
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Year: 2006
Pages: 144
Authors: Luke Hohmann

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