Software Companies

After Effects, Photoshop.

All sorts of compositing software that integrates perfectly with Final Cut Pro.

Cleaner 5, Combustion, and more.

55MM is a unique set of filters from Digital Film Tools meant to simulate popular optical glass filters and specialized lenses.

DV Companion: Intelligent Assistance for Final Cut Pro and other Final Cut Pro tutorial guides.

Native FX script effects and filters for Final Cut Pro and great tutorials on how to program your own effects in FX Script Builder.

Native FX script effects and filters for Final Cut Pro.

http://www. automaticduck .com/

Sells software to automate Final Cut Pro timeline transfers to After Effects. They also have other translator software. It's all very cool.

Sells MovingPicture, which is a tool for making smooth pans and zooms on hi-resolution stills. It is available as a stand-alone application or as a plug-in for Final Cut Pro.

Great Places to Visit

This website sells some of the very best library music available. Do visit them.

Sells plug-in effects for FCP at a very reasonable price and some of them are included on this book's DVD.

The graphics wizard who designed the "Grace Films Logo" you created in this tutorial ever need help with graphics and design, Chad Roark is your man! Truly talented fellow.

Paul Vachier's beautiful music website. This wonderful author was one of the technical editors for this book, and I must say his help was invaluable. His design work is first rate too!.

Philip Hodgetts and company sell the coolest programs and help systems on the planet! Intelligent Assistance is just that, very intelligent . Look for his work in the Goodies folder on the DVD.

This fabulous site sells some of the very best stock footage and graphics around! They supplied the fire for the Logo for example. Way cool and not to be missed!

A website operated by the famous "fearless" who is one of the Helpers in the Apple Discussion groups and he hangs in the FCP forum there. A set of apple scripts designed for Final Cut Pro are available on his website. Check it out!

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